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#52 Hrishikesh Hirway (Song Exploder): Dadaist art, writer's block, trolling Trebek
Episode 524th March 2022 • Follow Friday •
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Hrishikesh Hirway is a prolific creator: A podcaster, a newsletter writer, a TED speaker, a composer, and more. And he's also a musician who has collaborated with everyone from Lakeith Stanfield to Yo-Yo Ma; his first EP since 2011, Rooms I Used to Call My Own, comes out March 30.

Today on Follow Friday, Hrishikesh talks about four of his favorite people he follows online, including a collaborator who helped him get over writer's block while making that album:

  • Someone he just started following: Sumesh Hirway, @sumeshhirway on Instagram
  • Someone he doesn't know in real life, but wants to be friends with: Rose Matafeo, @rose_matafeo on Twitter and @rosematafeo on Instagram
  • Someone super-talented who's still under the radar: John Mark Nelson, @johnmarknelson on Twitter and Instagram
  • Someone who's an expert in a very specific niche he loves: Erik Agard, @e_a_rly on Twitter

And on our Patreon page, you can pledge any amount of money to get access to Follow Friday XL — our members-only podcast feed with exclusive bonus follows. That feed has an extended-length version of this interview in which Hrishikesh talks about someone he has followed forever: The award-winning artist and illustrator Susie Ghahremani.


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