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CONSULTING: How to Find and Be an Expert Level Problem Solver with Matt Coons
Episode 612th October 2021 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Do you aspire to become a consultant in your industry? OR maybe you’re motivated to hire the perfect consultant to partner with your business and come up with lasting solutions for your team. Maybe you’re just ready for some inspirational and valuable insights from a pro entrepreneur…

On today’s episode of The Dreamer’s Manual, we take a deep dive into consulting from both the hiring and job-seeking perspective with my friend, and expert independent consultant, Matt Coons. 

From his early days in Alaskan oil field shift work, (taking on 12-16 weeks shifts with 5-day breaks) to what his independent consulting business looks like today as he integrates his family into his thriving business, and has adapted through the pandemic; Matt shares super valuable insights into building his dream business through intuition, education, and authentic connections.