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The RE of Marketing - Steven Rick & Tim Elliott EPISODE 10, 2nd June 2021
THE FINAL EPISODE … We're changing
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THE FINAL EPISODE … We're changing

This was a podcast based on the philosophy of RE ... RE:thinking, RE:Framing and RE:marking on outstanding work by good people.

Yes, we've grown, we've changed, and we hope you have too. Because conversations change things.

The 30 odd conversations we had in the first three sessions changed us.

Conversations take what's in someone's heart and mind and put it into the world and that's what we want to do.

Start conversations with RE-markable people who are doing RE-markable things in life or business.

So they inspire us all to change and to do inspiring work.

So, we're not going away....We're just developing.

We can't wait to bring them to you! We know you'll enjoy them.