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32 - Championing accessibility at work - with Majorie Aunos
Episode 3224th October 2023 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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If we want our world to be more inclusive, we need to pay close attention to accessibility - the ease with which individuals can participate - at work, at home, and in daily life. Disability consultant Marj Aunos shares her highly relevant personal and professional lived experience. We explore what compelled Marj to dedicate her life to supporting adults with intellectual disabilities at a tender 20 years old, what motivated her when she became a paraplegic as a single mom to her 16-month-old son, and how to be a better ally to those who have accessibility challenges.

Marjorie Aunos, Ph.D. is a researcher, speaker, and consultant on accessibility and inclusion. She teaches organizations and educators to solution-find and build environments that are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming to families with disabilities. Marjorie is an internationally award-winning speaker, author of Mom on Wheels: The Power of Purpose as a Paraplegic Parent and contributing author to We Got This: Essays By Disabled Parents. Her TEDx talk “What we can learn from disabled parents” has over 150,000 views.



00:03:20   Marjorie's journey

00:08:00   Building support networks

00:14:40   An invitation for greater empathy

00:16:47   Purpose from a young age

00:21:00   What has shifted in recent years?

00:24:30   Visible vs. invisible challenges

00:27:55   How and when to help

00:30:14   Do we treat those with disabilities differently?

00:34:00   Acknowledge the disabled as experts



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Benny & Joon (1993)

UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

How Can a Watermark be a Human Rights Matter?

Hidden Disabilities

Rick Hansen Foundation

Hold That Door…! Opportunities to Improve Accessibility are Closer Than You Think

Remembering Air India Flight 182

What we can learn from parents with disabilities | Marjorie Aunos | TEDxWesternU


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