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Episode 1: Successful Podcasting With Jeffrey Shaw
31st August 2016 • Breakthrough Success - Content Marketing That Works • Marc Guberti
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On the inaugural podcast episode, our host Marc Guberti speaks to business coach and host of the Creative Warriors Podcast: Jeffrey Shaw, who is here to offer us some key advice and thoughts.

We talk about how to get into podcasting, the technology that surrounds it, and everything that encompasses the process of getting a good podcast ready for the public domain. Jeffrey shares a wealth of insight into the podcast world, including why technology is second nature for the younger generations, why you should hire people to help with your work, and the idea of having a “Beta mindset”. 

Jeffrey takes the time to explain why learning never stops, and the challenges that he has faced in finding a breakthrough in his work and specifically his podcast. We discuss how it feels to have that accomplished goal, and to keep chasing more breakthroughs. We are also very fortunate to have Jeffrey’s 3 Key tips for a successful podcast. Listen to see what he has to say regarding the ever changing industry. 



- How to start a successful podcast

- How to prepare and be ready for change

- Use of Keywords/Tagging, Social media networking

- Learning from others/Hiring the right people

- How Jeffrey worked towards his chosen lifestyle

- How to have a clear vision of your project

- Jeffrey’s 3 Key Tips to a successful podcast


Key Links from the show: - Info on Jeffrey Shaw - Jeffrey’s free 7-day course - Jeffrey’s Website - Business Coaching





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