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Episode 44: We Also Have to Get Them Used to Wearing Ear Protection (Feat. Jess Hagge)
Episode 4411th June 2020 • Audio Obscura • Audio Obscura
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Special guest and improviser Jess Hagge joins us for this episode! She gives us the low-down on doing improv in the corona-verse. Inspired by last week's mystery, we have instituted a point system to Audio Obscura! 3 points for guessing both topic and format without any help, 2 points for needing the extra clue, and 1 point for only getting either the topic or the format. Let us know what you think. In this episode we meet Marley and Milton, Mr. Witherington introduces us to the preferences of clouds, and Pillager Pete reflects on his gifts. Jess contemplates the age of her cat and has no patience for baby stupidity. David learns the types of cats and praises Foster's half-bwag. Foster finds himself serendipitously wrangling wolves and implores listeners to give to snail reserves. Enjoy. #Troubadog


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