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Value Stream Intelligence with Allstacks Cofounder Hersh Tapadia
Episode 3710th February 2022 • Authentically Successful • Carol Schultz
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One of the common denominators among the most successful startups is that they are solving a problem that needs solving. Allstacks is on a mission to disrupt the value stream management category. This category of business looks at how people in an organization work and then map this by using machine learning to understand what may happen in the future. The value stream intelligence market, where the Allstacks platform is focused, helps engineering teams predict and quantify team productivity, thus predicting outcomes.

There are 25 million developers globally, which is expected to double in the next 10 years. This makes the market for Allstacks and platforms like it immense. This massive market is very attractive to investors because any company that employs software engineers really needs this problem solved.

In this conversation, Carol and Hersh talk about all this plus Hersh's journey from IBM to where he is now and his discovery of the importance of doing work that makes a real impact for him and the people he employs. We look at who the Allstacks ideal client is, which tends to be companies with a pressing need to get their product out the door, company size (250-10K employees), marketing strategies, hiring strategies, culture, and the very low turnover they have experienced.

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