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Episode 17: The Agronomics and Economics of Whole Orchard Recycling and Cover Crops with Carl Evers and Jeremy Olday of AgIS Capital
Episode 1725th January 2022 • Almond Journey • Almond Journey
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In today’s episode we visit with Carl Evers and Jeremy Olday of AgIS Capital. AgIS Capital is an employee-owned management firm that invests in farmland on behalf of and alongside their investors. AgIS then oversees the management of those farm properties which are located nationwide with the majority being in California and the Pacific Northwest. 

Carl Evers is the director of sustainability at AgIS Capital, and Jeremy Olday is a farm manager for the company. The two discuss their efforts to make sustainability work in almond orchards on three levels: economically, environmentally, and socially. 

“Now it’s kind of hard to say no [to Whole Orchard Recycling] if it’s going to cost the same as burning, but you’ve got all of your environmental health benefits, plus probably some slow-release fertilizer that you’ve recovered and been able to put back into the ground.” - Carl Evers

In today’s episode:

  • Meet AgIS Capital
  • Carl and Jeremy’s experiences getting started with cover crops and the Seeds for Bees program
  • How they have approached Whole Orchard Recycling, how they are making it pay, and some lessons they have learned along the way
  • Their involvement with Leading Harvest

“If you’re going to spend $20 or $30 to sort of fortify your bee habitat per acre when you’re spending $200+ per acre to rent bees every year, it’s just a hedge that makes sense.” - Carl Evers

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ABC Update

At the end of an orchard’s productive life, almond growers must decide what to do with their old trees: either replant immediately or wait a year. Whole Orchard Recycling is an innovative and sustainable practice that contributes to the success of the subsequent orchard by not only putting everything grown in the previous orchard to optimal use, but also providing value back to the grower by delivering nutrients, improving soil quality and ultimately, potentially, increasing yields. There’s a cool story behind the development of whole orchard recycling, and Almond Board Senior Manager of Industry Relations and Communications Jenny Nicolau says there’s a new mini-documentary coming to share this story. Visit to learn more. 

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