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17. Who Are You Meant to Be: The Enneagram Effect with Rosemary Hurwitz
Episode 1722nd February 2023 • Soulful Streaming • Allison Bobb and Tina Janczura DaSilva
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If you’re the deep into season two, you know we love a good personality test, especially once that helps us understand how we interpret the world and mange our emotions.

In this episode, Ali and Tina speak with worldly enneagram expert and author, Rosemay Hurwitz about how this thousand year old practice helps you discover which of the 9 personality types best suits you. Most importantly, it helps you understand who you are meant to be.

Drawn from philosophy components derived from ancient Greek philosophy, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity, and mystical Judaism, the enneagram test helps you understand your behavioral patterns, how you respond to people and situations and how to know when you’re in a state of flow vs imbalanced. 

Tina and Ali both took the test, had a session with Rosemary and were floored with their results. 

Also during this episode, we unexpectedly learn how Rosemary started her spiritual journey. It’s a profound story with a beautiful ending and for those of you who are wondering what’s next in your life, we think you’ll the universe is drawing you in to hear her message. 

About Rosemary 

Rosemary Hurtwitz is an enneagram-based coach based in the Chicago area. She’s a practitioner at the world-renowned Infinity Foundation in the Chicago suburbs, a globally sought-after speaker, intuitive / angel card reader and is deeply dedicated to helping people deepen their self-awareness, compassion and remember their connection to Spirit. 

Initially receiving a communications degree from Marquette University, Rosemary, worked in Human Resources and Corporate Recruiting/Career Coaching. As her youngest entered kindergarten, Rosemary answered a calling to her own deeper work.

In 2001 she enrolled in the Institute of Pastoral Studies, at Loyola University, in Chicago. This led to receiving her Enneagram certification and doing spiritual direction and facilitating numerous workshops across the US with the Enneagram.

She’s the author of “Who You Are Meant To Be: The Enneagram Effect” is a 5-star rated book, found on Amazon and in Ali + Tina’s homes as well. 

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