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Charlotte Hankin: The WISR Framework: Special Episode
Episode 817th October 2022 • Coconut Thinking • Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.
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In this special episode, Charlotte and I introduce the WISR Framework, which was designed to help educators create spaces in which a regenerative world might emerge. It is takes us from that instant where awe is a released and embodied experience to a mindset and paradigm shift where we respect the unique essence of all life. WISR is not meant to be a prescriptive model, rather it is an invitation to take learning deeper through embodied and connected experiences in and with the natural world. A call to respond through the ripples that local engagement initiates. It is a framework that reminds us of our kinship to more than human life and encourages us to express our oneness and harmony with the natural world.

Wonder: Learning is engagement with nature through an expression of awe, enchantment, mystery and curiosity

Intra-action: Learning is empathy with nature as a result of immersion, reciprocal communication and agency

Sustainability: Learning as guided by a set of ethics which emphasize balance of energy and resources in nature

Regeneration: Learning as honoring and expressing the unique essence of every member of nature

WISR is a co-creation between Coconut Thinking (Charlotte and me) and The Learning Future (Louka Parry).

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