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Almost 30 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 288, 9th January 2020
Ep. 288 - Nikki Glaser Facing Fear of Sex + Intimacy
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Ep. 288 - Nikki Glaser Facing Fear of Sex + Intimacy


K + L are celebrating Almost 30 nation. Today they are highlighting an inspiring message from community member, Lucinda! This sparks a conversation around pursuing your passion, quitting your job, and the energetic compensation from creating art. Krista admits what she recently learned aboutInstagram story highlights, and they ladies share some funny DMs.



She is an icon, a complete open book, and always speaks her damn truth—please welcome comedian Nikki Glaser! If you’re familiar with Nikki’s comedy, you know she doesn’t hold back. She shares how, as a child, she learned to keep quiet because her dark humor wasn’t received well. Comedy gave her permission to be herself, so she’s passionate about being that open and honest voice for women. Be sure to checkout Bangin’, her recent stand-up special on Netflix, as well as her morning radio show, You Up With Nikki Glaser.


In today’s conversation, we dive deep into the fear of intimacy, expectations around dating, self-worth & appearance, and sexual relationships. Nikki vulnerably shares how intimacy and sex don’t come naturally to her, and how recently she’s focused on creating a friendship before entering a romantic relationship. She shares her view on orgasms and her new rule when it comes to compliments. We talk about how society places such an emphasis on aesthetic and appearance, and how this can be damaging for women more than men. Nikki also shares her evolution of self-care, including no longer drinking alcohol, and how transcendental meditation helped her overcome depression.


We also talk about:

  • Being sheltered as a kid
  • Managing men’s emotions
  • Commitment before sex
  • Playing games with guys
  • Why Nikki quit drinking
  • Leaning into your feelings


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