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296: Unlocking Success: The Power of Changing Questions with April Stroink
9th May 2024 • Profit by Design • Dr. Sabrina Starling
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As business owners and entrepreneurs, we have many questions running in a loop in our heads. Most of those are judger questions that limit our scope of achievement and keep us stuck. Dr. Sabrina welcomes April Stroink to the podcast, and April shares her incredible story of using one of Tap the Potential’s most popular tools, the Choice Map, to turn her worst year in business into her best year. The key to changing her outcomes was changing the questions she asked herself. Join us for this powerful conversation with April!

April Stroink is a money coach, financial advisor, and certified Profit First professional who specializes in helping people create and enjoy financial well-being in their business and personal lives. She’s the creator of The Money Fix, a suite of programs to increase financial literacy for entrepreneurs. In her previous life, April managed multiple investment teams throughout Atlantic Canada for a national finance company. She is also the owner and operator of a successful Halifax retail operation. April is a “money coach,” a supportive guide who helps people understand and feel confident about finances and future goals. Known for her empathy and judgment-free coaching, she combines her expertise with her experience of running her family business, and she volunteers on several community boards as she splits her time between Halifax and Soley Cove, Nova Scotia. 

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.

Show Highlights:

  • From worst year to best year: April’s experience with the Choice Map, getting unstuck, and changing her questions (The Choice Map is a tool from Dr. Marilee Adams’ book, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life.)
  • A look at typical judger questions that will keep you stuck
  • The journey to the judger pit often begins with the question, “What’s wrong with me?”
  • Making the shift from judger questions to a learner mindset
  • Using mental health awareness (May is Mental Health Awareness Month!) and beneficial relationships to overcome the isolation of entrepreneurship
  • Examples of learner questions to shift your mindset
  • April’s experience with the Choice Map as the perfect tool for entrepreneurs around financial literacy
  • The judger pit and victim role vs. taking ownership and asking learner questions
  • Learner questions to ask around implementing Profit First in your business
  • Success stories of April’s clients using the Profit First system
  • Fight burnout! Improve the health of your business and the quality of your life by taking the Better Business Better Life Assessment today!

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Connect with April Stroink: Get April’s free profit assessment tool and book a free 30-minute consult on her Website; also find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

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