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Live from the Afterlife - Randy and Elissa Bishop-Becker EPISODE 50, 25th February 2021
Protopian vs Dystopian Focus
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Protopian vs Dystopian Focus

Here is the text of this conversation:

“What were we going to talk about? [protopian models, thoughts, examples] Ah, protopian. Ok.

“At any level of complexity of spirit there is a pattern of fulfillment and understanding and when an entity gets that, they move on. So. the implication is that all those entities at a level are somewhat unfulfilled—not getting it, work in progress. And there are a few which are works without progress, but they can’t sustain so in time they go bye-bye. So the overall reality is entities capable of fulfillment but not there yet.

“Dystopian models focus on the ‘not progressing’ entities—the ones that don’t get it. Mainline Western philosophy and theology focus on the gap between possible and real, so theirs is a sort of… hmm… metatopia with a focus on the failure side, not the possibility side. So given that the great mass of entities are capable of fulfillment, why focus on failure? Protopian models focus on the great potential. Give images of spirits getting it. Coming together. And let me differentiate between disaster movies and dystopian ones.

“In most disaster movies people rise to be more than they knew they could be. Poseidon Adventure not dystopian, that ship has a minor problem… grrr… ok, major problem. But how the people deal with it is inspiring. Grim survival stories in a basically hostile world are not protopian. It’s a Wonderful Life is. [So ‘The Revenant’ is not, ‘The Revenant’ is dystopian] Revenant is about many getting to their lowest levels. How about models which encourage the best? Imagine how the world could be on the pro side and tell that story. Sing that song. Make that movie. Create that candy bar.

“That is the basic struggle of your times. Defend against the worst or create toward the best. And all I’m saying is the world needs more protopian stories. Get out there and spread them.”