Listener Pick: Social (2022)
16th October 2023 • The New Chitlin Circuit • The New Chitlin Circuit Podcast
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Syd & Lex review 'Social' starring Gary Champion and Lanee Bond. Syd reprises her role as in-house RomCom expert, while Lex digests this "salad" of a film. Thank you for your movie suggestions! If you know of a Black indie you'd want us to review, head over to and drop your suggestion!

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Listener Pick: Social (2022)

Synopsis: Gary, who's been diagnosed with social anxiety, lives a lonely lifestyle suffering mild panic attacks. In a brash attempt to make a friend, he meets Alexis, who has been diagnosed with ADD. Thru a series of events, together they attempt to find the one person who Gary has never had anxiety around, his high school girlfriend Kayla.

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