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Confidence Affirmations with Vanessa Murphy
Episode 5714th February 2023 • Women in Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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This episode is dedicated to confidence affirmations - 20 minutes for you to sit back, relax and re-program your mind to think positive confidence boosting thoughts. See as some self-love time for Valentine's Day.

This week I decided to do something slightly different and I loved every minute of creating this affirmation session for you - so much so that I am already planning further affirmations sessions.

You may have heard of affirmations and maybe even use affirmations already. I started using affirmations properly in early 2020 – the story as to why is for another day but affirmations are definitely in my self-care toolbox which I reach into from time to time when I need to work on something.

Our beliefs are learned thought patterns from our childhood which we now use to interpret things that happen to us – some thought patterns were given to us by family, carers, teachers etc. and imprinted into our minds, some work with us and support us and some are negative and work against us.  Every thought is a reflection of our inner beliefs and inner ‘truths’ but please remember that these truths or beliefs were based on invalid impressions that we created or were created for us, earlier in our lives and therefore may not be truths today.  So think about this - if every thought we have is a form of affirmation then we should endeavour to have positive thoughts. You have the power to do that.

Using positive affirmations, you can disrupt negative thinking habits and build a new route in your brain for positive thoughts. Eventually, if you are consistent in your practice, positive thought patterns appear, and your good thoughts affect your actions. You can learn to be more confident, to love yourself, to build better relationships or whatever you are seeking to achieve.

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Be confident,

Vanessa xxx