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Orgasms, pleasure and empowerment with Mangala Holland
Episode 1130th May 2022 • Love, Sex & Intimacy • Sarah Rose Bright
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I am excited to share this conversation with orgasm expert and pleasure nerd, Mangala Holland.  Mangala shares her definition of orgasms and how it differs from mainstream understanding, the difference between orgasms and orgasmic states, the different types of orgasms, why it’s important to listen to what is true for you and what your body tells you and why the steady, slow and gentle approach is the way to building your pleasure capacity.  Mangala is vocal about abuse and manipulation in spiritual and sex positive communities and she shares her wisdom on how to find workshops that are trauma informed and the red flags to look out for.  And as two women in the midst of peri-menopause we had a great conversation about sex and pleasure at this time of life.  I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. 

Mangala shares:

  • What Orgasmic Confidence is 
  • Mangala’s definition of orgasms
  • The difference between orgasms and orgasmic states
  • The different types of orgasms
  • The paradox of not focusing on the goal of orgasm is the way to experiencing one 
  • Why it’s important to listen to what is true for you and what your body tells you
  • Why the steady, slow and gentle approach is the way to building your pleasure capacity 
  • Mangala’s view on vibrators 
  • Why pleasure is important
  • How to choose Tantra and sex positive workshops and what to look out for 
  • The difference between Neo-tantra and classical tantra
  • What fierce self love is 
  • The impact of the last two years on pleasure, intimacy and life 
  • How to start to put yourself first  
  • Relearning and reclaiming pleasure at peri menopause/menopause 

Mangala is a Women’s Empowerment and Sexuality coach, and facilitator of global group programs. She’s on a mission to help women and pussy-owners become empowered through loving themselves fiercely, celebrating their sexuality, and overcoming the fear, guilt and shame that keeps them playing small.


Having over a decade’s experience in the industry, her super power is helping women and vulva owners become deeply connected to their body, pleasure and orgasmic confidence, which is the natural birthright of everyone.

She’s currently training the next generation of Embodied Female Pleasure facilitators and places a strong emphasis on self-love, embodiment and empowerment in her work, teaching in a no-bullshit, fluff-free, grounded, dogma-free style. 


For a free 3 part video series ‘From Shut Down to Sensual Satisfaction’, visit Mangala’s website where you can also find out details of her 1-1 coaching, group coaching programme and her facilitator training

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Your podcast host, Sarah Rose Bright is a Sex & Intimacy coach and the creator of Intimate Sexuality. Sarah is on a mission to help women and couples to love and celebrate their sexuality, create healthy and happy intimate relationships and find their pleasure, playfulness and passion for life.




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