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306 - When is it The Right Time to Start a Membership Site
Episode 30618th May 2021 • The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison • The Membership Guys
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Are you ready to launch a membership? Are you really ready?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of launching a membership for some time, you might be wondering if the timing is right. Many business gurus out there will tell you to jump in and “just start,” but hold on!

Memberships are a funny business. Launching your membership is all about timing it right. If you get it wrong, it’s much harder to change your mind or get out of it when you have paying members with high expectations. You need to do the groundwork first.

In this episode, we take you through the signs that now is the time to launch your membership. These are signs that your membership will get off to a great start, has a real audience, and won’t fizzle out over time.

Essential Learning Points:

  • Why timing is so important when starting a membership
  • The downsides of jumping into a membership before you’re ready
  • Why you need to be clear on what you’re offering and who you’re serving
  • How much time you need to dedicate at the beginning
  • Why building your audience before launching a membership is the best move

Important Links & Mentions:

Key Quotes:

“The most successful memberships are the ones that solve a specific problem and serve a specific audience.”

“The riches are in the niches when it comes to memberships.”

“It's not about having thousands of people on an email list before you can even contemplate starting a membership. It's far more important that your following is relevant than it is huge.”