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Joel Sharpton on The Art of Interviewing, Passion Podcasting, and The End of Always Listening
Episode 1388th December 2022 • Podcasting Is Punk Rock • Josh Liston from Australia
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Joel Sharpton is a former Radio Professional, a respected Podcast Editor and Manager, and also a Champion Human. Joel is currently very busy working on client shows over at Pro Podcasting Services, and having an awesome time Podcasting about Anne Rice's Vampires on the Articulate Coven.

  • iHeart Radio's CEO and integrity in the Podcasting Industry.
  • Rediscovering a passion for Podcasting via Anne Rice's Vampires.
  • The Art of Interviewing (relationship building with guests, research, and going beyond the 'achievements').
  • "Podcasting is Punk Rock".
  • For the first time publicly Joel shares why Always Listening (his much loved Podcast About Podcasting) ended in early 2020.

Socials: @joshuacliston on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 


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