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Getting Hired in Professional Sports – Work in Sports Podcast e119
19th September 2018 • The Work in Sports Podcast - Insider Advice for Sports Careers • Brian Clapp - Work in Sports
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Philadelphia Eagles Talent Acquisition manager Colleen Scoles joined the podcast just over a year ago, but her advice on getting a job in professional sports needs to be heard. We're updating and rebroadcasting this episode because it was that good. Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp, Director of Content for Work in and this is the Work in Sports podcast.I have this personal mission statement – I tell myself all the time “Fix the Problem” and that is a constant reminder to me that it serves no purpose to blame, or make excuses, or whine about problems as they arise.My job is to fix the problem. Identify the problem, understand the root of it, and get to solving it. That’s life. Work life and Life life – things don’t usually go as planned.So who are you, are you the type that when problems arise you panic in blame… or do you go into solutions mode?I’ll give you two examples from just the last week for me. We had our Sports Career Accelerator event last week in Atlanta. Our first Work in Sports branded event like this, along with our good friends at Tremont Sports.Scott Gray from Tremont had worked for months on booking guests, facilities, transportation, lunches… we worked hand in hand in getting this event off the ground. I had planned to moderate a panel or two, but generally be in the background shaking hands kissing babies and taking some videos for our marketing efforts.Day of the event – Scott got sick, like really sick. The kind where you don’t leave your bedroom for a few days see you at the clinic sick. I found this out about 20 minutes before we were opening for registration.It was about 100% humidity, and I could feel my body going into heavy sweats, which is not a good first impression. I had a choice to make, panic or produce. So Michael Brown, the CEO of Tremont, John Mellor the CEO of WorkinSports and myself all just said – we have a job to do, lets figure this out.The event was awesome – sure we were uncomfortable at times behind the scenes but no one in attendance knew it. Fix the problem. We lost a main player – so what, time to go to work.Second example is this here podcast episode. I had a plan to record a few sessions from the accelerator event and package it up all pretty for an episode. Well, no one spoke close enough to their microphones, the audio was intelligible and no matter how I tried to edit and effect and enhance it… it just wasn’t happening.Fix the problem. Go to plan B.Yesterday I was supposed to interview Dr. Cara Wright, Director of Business operations for the Clippers. Great, I’ll turn that one around quickly and publish this week instead.5 minutes before our interview, my daughters school calls – accident out front of the school busses can’t get in, please come get your kids through the back access. Uh oh. Have to postpone with Cara.Fix the Problem -- Plan C.We’ve had over 100,000 downloads of this show... but so many of you listening today are 100% new to the show in the last few months or even weeks.  One of the absolute best interviews to date was in the first month of our existence. Colleen Scoles Talent Acquisition manager for the Philadelphia Eagles…not enough of you have heard this interview. Not enough of you have learned the secrets of drawing the attention of a major professional teams hiring department.So we’re bringing back one of our greatest hits this week. Get your pen and pencil ready – because here comes Colleen Scoles Talent Acquisition Manager for the Philadelphia Eagles.