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Local First Podcast - Rob Kochanski EPISODE 61, 14th November 2019
Milwaukee’s Local Business Cheerleader Elmer Moore Shares The Secret Of Economic Growth

Milwaukee’s Local Business Cheerleader Elmer Moore Shares The Secret Of Economic Growth


Elmer Moore never saw himself and his family staying in Milwaukee for long. But now that they’re here, they just might be here to stay.

He shares some of his first impressions and how different parts of his background perfectly prepared him for life the life that he and his wife created here.

He now works with Scale Up Milwaukee, helping teach businesses and other participants in the Milwaukee ecosystem, through programs such as an accelerator, how to grow and how that growth then works to improve the region as a whole.

Connect with Elmer:

Website: https://www.scaleupmilwaukee.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scaleupmke

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScaleUp_MKE

Topics in this episode:

  • [2:54] – Why it is easy for him to be a champion of Milwaukee
  • [6:55] – One of the things that is great about Milwaukee
  • [7:44] – How Scale Up started
  • [10:43] – Celebrating the successes of local businesses
  • [15:48] – What is a small business?
  • [17:51] – Meet the Masters
  • [25:50] – Elmer asks: what is your craft?
  • [32:00] Bonus tracks of five local businesses that have been through the Growth Accelerator

We discuss what it has meant to participate in Scale Up Milwaukee, what are some of their biggest challenges, and what has them fired up about the future.

1st up Carolyn Walker of Great Impressions Graphics and Printing. Perception is Everything: The printing experts at Great Impressions pay individualized attention to each of our clients’ printing needs. Connect with Carolyn

2nd Lafayette Crump with Milwaukee 2020 Vice President of Diversity. The Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee is the nonprofit civic organization responsible for organizing, hosting, and funding the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, which will be held from July 13 to 16, 2020. Connect with Lafayette

3rd Jackie Hermes Founder and CEO of Accelity. Accelity is a unique business comprised of a team of entrepreneurs and marketers that truly love their work—and it shows. Connect with Jackie on LinkedIn

4th Fred Varin President & Founder of TopLine Results Fred Varin founded TopLine Results Corporation in April of 1999 with the goal of helping businesses optimize their success. Connect with Fred

5th Bradley Blaeser President of the Green team The Green Team provides sustainable landscape solutions for properties in Southeastern Wisconsin, from residential homes to large commercialmunicipal and educational facilities. Services include our Natural Lawn Care Program, design and installation, and conventional lawn care maintenance. Connect with Bradley

[9:25] And so what we did, is we made a program out of that. And that program consisted of an accelerator where we would bring businesses into a room and teach them over five or six months, how to grow. And I’m going to give you a little bit of our magic sauce. The technical training is really important. We’re not trying to replicate an MBA. We’re not trying to be a college. We do teach technical skills, however, the secret is, what makes it super powerful and impactful, is that we teach a way of thinking about growth.


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