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Healing in Hindsight™ - Taylor Daniele™ EPISODE 2, 15th August 2020
The Definition of Type 2 Diabetes

The Definition of Type 2 Diabetes

We’re back with episode 2! I’m excited to dive in and share some insights as we learn and grow together. In this first season we’re going to start with the basics. I mean the very basics. I’ll share some key things to better understand it, stats, symptoms and my personal experience with all of it. 

My goal in this episode is for you to walk away with a better understanding of what you’re dealing with. The more that you know and understand what to look for the better prepared you’ll be. And hey maybe you decide on your next doctor’s visit to get clarity. 

We’ll discuss what type 2 diabetes is, some insights of how many people are affected, and what to look out for if you’re not sure if you may be a diabetic or not. 


 What is type 2 diabetes exactly?

  • The basics of type 2
  • The difference between type 1 & 2
  • Why having a healthy weight (noticed I said healthy not perfect IG model body)

From the CDC National Diabetes Statistics Report: 

Here are the facts

  • 34.2 million Americans—just over 1 in 10—have diabetes and 1 in 4 of them don’t know they have it.
  • 88 million American adults—approximately 1 in 3—have prediabetes. 90% don’t even know that they have it. 90% guys. That’s almost most of the adults in the US.
  • New diabetes cases were higher among non-Hispanic blacks and people of Hispanic origin than non-Hispanic Asians and non-Hispanic whites. — meaning people of color are getting hit the hardest.
  • New diagnosed cases of type 1 and type 2 diabetes have significantly increased among US youth.
  • The percentage of adults with prediabetes who were aware they had the condition doubled between 2005 and 2016, but most continue to be unaware.
  • In 2017, the total estimated cost of diagnosed diabetes was $327 billion.


  • What are the signs
  • What I personally experienced
  • What to do if you’re not sure if you’re a diabetic


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