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Ep 113. *PART 1/2* Are You Getting A COVID Vaccine To Travel?
26th November 2020 • Travel N Sh!t Podcast • dCarrie
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This week I spoke with a clinical research associate with years of molecular biology experience to answer our questions about this COVID vaccine. With rumors of it being mandatory for air travel in the near future, I wanted to learn as much as I could before I made my decision on if I’d forgo the vaccine and possibly sacrifice travel as I know it. There’s a lot to discuss and learn, so this will officially be the first two part episode! This week, Dionne (a brilliant black woman in science. One time for the good sis, ya’ll. I tip my hat to her and the work she does) does an incredibly hilarious job of breaking down what a vaccine is and all the different ways it’s designed to work. We get into what’s currently in works with the COVID vaccine as we now know it, how it may affect certain demographics of the population, and sooooo much more. I promise you, you will enjoy this one. It’s one of the most informative, yet easily digestible episodes yet. Strap in and get informed. More questions for Dionne? Shoot me an email and I get you some answers - Be social! Host:    
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