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Crossing Over Part 2 - Courage against Bipolar 1
Episode 58th February 2020 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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After reading the book, Brett and I discuss different aspects of the book and how he is doing today. I want to thank Brett for coming on today again to go over his story after i had read the book using Audio Readers. Brett will be publishing soon a Audio Version of the book so everyone can hear his story. I think his recovery is a testimony of how a good support system can help with recovery.

His parents where obviously very understanding and supportive as his mother took him in each time for around 18 months to allow him to recover from the terrible Anxiety and Depression that follows Extreme Manic Episodes.

Brett continues to live a healthy lifestyle and is living with his girlfriend today. I want anyone to know who has a child that goes through this terrible disease and form of depression that it is not mental weakness, but quite the opposite. His recovery took around 18 months and again a testimony of his loving family and friends commitment to making that happen.

Please contact Brett or me if you are suffering from any form of depression and need some help in the recovery process. Never give up because anyone can beat these Mental Issues if they just take it one day at a time and continue to be optimistic and hopeful. You can contact Brett directly at the following links:

Crossover - A Look Inside a Manic Mind - which describes his three manic episodes in amazing detail.

Check it out at his website 

You can also find more information about Brett Stevens at:




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