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Soul Led Leaders With Clare Josa - Clare Josa EPISODE 17, 9th June 2021
Why Starting With How Gets Hybrid Back-To-Front - Interview With Janet Hitchen
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Why Starting With How Gets Hybrid Back-To-Front - Interview With Janet Hitchen

Janet Hitchen's career has seen her advising leaders at companies from Apple to Nespresso, as a trusted guide in creating best-in-class communications strategies. Known as a 'rebel woman', she asks the questions that create breakthroughs, in ways that get everyone on board.

In this inspirational interview, as part of the #MakingHybridWork Lockdown Leadership Conference 2021, she'll be discussing the cultural shifts organisations need to make, to allow their teams to thrive with hybrid working, and how to communicate them in ways that get people excited, instead of scared, about change.

Listen now to discover:

  • Why starting with 'how' gets hybrid back-to-front
  • The danger of making decisions from the view of power and control - yet why so many organisations are falling into this trap
  • How gaslighting employees back into the office risks becoming the new epidemic
  • The one core thing that has changed for employees, which means that 'business as usual' risks an exodus
  • The single most valuable thing a manager can do right now, to get their teams on board
  • How to avoid homogenised group-think and bring cognitive diversity into hybrid-working decisions
  • How to communicate our hybrid-working decisions in ways that inspire people to thrive, instead of getting them searching the job-hunting websites

Shownotes and access to all of the interviews in the conference are here: www.makinghybridwork.com