Dealing With Anger
Episode 6028th February 2022 • Entrepreneur Academy Podcast • John di Stefano
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In this podcast, I tackle a few questions related to anger. I talk about things like: How do you deal with anger? Why is something triggering your unwanted reaction? Where does the anger come from?, and I offer some possible solutions. If you ever feel like you get easily overcome by anger, this podcast is for you.

When anger happens repetitively, we need to find and resolve the first thing that caused it. I explain this method in detail - why it’s important, how it affects us later on, how we fall into the cycle of feeling angry over the same thing, and why ignoring an issue never really solves it.

Another important point is reprogramming our triggers. You will learn how to turn your triggers into something positive. I talk about the ways to do so; from neurolinguistic programming to find a way to channel your energy into something positive.

Lastly, I focus on showing you how you can allow the feeling without reacting to it. You will learn what disassociating means and how you can apply it.

I hope this topic teaches you some useful methods that will help you cope with anger in the future. At the end of the day, anger is just a feeling, and we can all use it to grow and become better through dealing with it.