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Ep 70 : Tough Breakup? Feel Empowered and Do This With Kate Dudzik
Episode 7018th December 2022 • People on Dating • Will Morales
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About Kate :

My work as a scientist and author is fueled by a passion for exploring what it means to think, what thoughts look like, where they come from, and what they mean.

I began with an Undergraduate Degree (Hnrs) in Cognitive Science, Specializing in the Biological Foundations of Cognition, and continued on to complete my Master’s of Cognitive Science (MCs.), both at the Institute of Cognitive Science of Carleton University. This has enabled me to learn from and work with incredible people, both in private and public sector environments.

I have been working in the field of Cognitive Science since 2014, exploring topics such as (but not limited to):

  • designing artificial intelligence systems to act like or predict human behaviour
  • ethics in digital technologies/new media
  • improving training of experts through cognitive modeling and behaviour predictions
  • predicting mistakes, errors in task performance, and the way internal thoughts can behave like interruptions from the environment
  • how people’s thoughts and behaviour can change from interacting with digital vs. physical environments
  • the role of emotions in task performance and decision making

From project development and tool design to lecturing and research, I’ve always enjoyed opportunities to grow as a scientist in my field. I love consulting on Product Design, A.I. Systems, and Research Projects related to Cognitive Science as well as Digital Humanities.

When I’m not busy writing, reading, or learning how much more I have to learn in a vast universe of knowledge, you can find me writing my book, running, hanging with my dog, playing video games, or trying new foods with friends.

Kate's Value Adds

  • Bad decision on dating
  • Being transparent and Honest
  • Victim of gaslighting
  • Reflect on the relationship
  • Unresolved issues
  • How porn takes place of real sex
  • And much more..........

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