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Accounting Networks, Alliances & Associations with Sharon Howley (Uncut)
Bonus Episode6th November 2021 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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On today's deep dive UNCUT bonus episode, Rob Brown of the Accounting Influencers Podcast interviews Sharon Howley of Global Data on how networks, associations and alliances serve the profession.

Sharon Howley has worked at Verdict as part of the Global Data brand for 11 years. She has a strong background in sales and account management which lends itself well to the client satisfaction, account revenue, retention and growth targets she currently has. She manages subscriptions and retention for 12 different B2B publications including The Accountant and International Accounting Bulletin (IAB). The IAB works closely with all of the accountancy networks, associations and alliances, and produces the official global rankings for these. In addition, Verdict produces special supplements on technology, recruitment, L&D and a World Survey focusing on accounting firm growth and success, and for networks, alliances and associations.

Key takeaways from the whole interview include:

➯ How data in the accounting practice space has grown and changed over the years

➯ The changes accounting firms, networks, events and professionals have had to deal with during the pandemic

➯ What has prompted accountants to engage much more with their clients than ever before

➯ The 4 hottest topics that accountants really want to talk about and are struggling with right now

➯ How the data from conversations with accountants turns into valuable learning for the accounting profession

➯ The importance for accountants of staying relevant with a global perspective

➯ How some global regions do better than others in accessing current commercial knowledge to stay informed

➯ The curiosity factor that makes professional firms want to 'look over the garden wall' at what their peers are doing

➯ What juicy topics a report on Women in Leadership addresses for up and coming accountants

➯ The special relationship Verdict, IAB and Global Data have with accounting networks, associations and alliances

➯ What kind of data the Global Survey of Networks & Associations reveals and how that data drives their commercial strategies

➯ Why global rankings, awards and surveys matter to accounting firms, networks and associations

➯ The 2 hottest topics on the agenda of international networks, alliances and associations in accountancy and professional services

➯ Thoughts on the pivot to virtual events for the accounting world, and the pros and cons of having no face to face element

➯ The importance of the Digital Accounting Forum Awards annual event in celebrating the successes in the accounting world

➯ The benefits of being independent in serving accountants and networks/associations rather than having an agenda

➯ Why it's important for an accounting firm to belong to a global network, alliance or association

➯ How busy accountants are overloaded by information and how they decide what's most relevant for them

➯ What's coming up in the next few years for the accounting profession and the 3 big things we will see a lot more of

When not working, Sharon is kept pretty busy with family life and her daughter, and loves watching films when she has the time.

Sharon on LinkedIn:

IAB website:

The Accountant website:


This is a full-length uncut interview (usually 20-30 mins long) from which the highlights show earlier in the week was taken. You can listen to this on a previous episode.

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