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350 - Behind The Membership: Makers Momentum Club
Episode 35012th April 2022 • Membership Geeks Podcast with Mike Morrison & Callie Willows • Membership Geeks
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Running a membership has its perks, but there’s also the turbulent side of things.

From transitioning through different iterations of her business to managing a spike of engagement during the pandemic, Nicola Taylor knows how to brave some turbulence.

In this episode, she discusses the origins of the Makers Momentum Club and the various challenges she’s faced along the line. Nicola also shares some of her wins and lessons for aspiring membership owners.

Essential Learning Points:

  • How members reacted to Nicola’s switch to a membership style business
  • Why more engagement can be a bad thing
  • The interesting effect of the pandemic on the Makers Momentum Club
  • Why an action-driven community inspires more wins
  • Why passion is a major ingredient for starting a membership

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Key Quotes:

“The business skills we teach within the membership aren’t specific to makers, they include beginner fundamentals on how to make money from a business, find customers, promote yourself, and the dynamics of being an entrepreneur.”

“You can really underestimate the impact a bad business model can have on your growth and your life. You end up constantly fighting against things, and making it more difficult than it needs to be.”

“Overwhelm is a big thing for our members because there's a lot of stuff they have to put in place. I don't want the content to become one more overwhelming thing. So finding ways to get them to take action from the content is my goal going forward.”