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172: From Devout Atheist to Devoted Christian | Seth Morozowski
Episode 17218th April 2023 • Purpose Through Pain • Joseph James
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Seth Morozowski is a former K9 Deputy and has started two companies. He was a devout atheist for many years but has seen a radical transformation over the past few months.

On this episode:

  • Seth shares how he was never taught how to process his emotions.
  • Hear how growing up in a difficult home environment helped direct Seth’s journey into law enforcement.
  • Joseph and Seth discuss the hardships of the faith journey.
  • Seth opens up about his struggles with alcoholism and the deep depression he found himself in.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Sometimes you have to see the monster within to truly change.
  2. Build a support system around yourself.
  3. Christ forgives you, and you can forgive yourself - but don’t forget where you came from.

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year in and did that up until:

Seth: Hey, Joe, I appreciate it man. Thank you very much.

Joseph: Awesome brother. I wanna dive right in you. This is probably the first episode I've ever had a really, even a really in-depth talk to with somebody that is a profound atheist. A lot of people are closed off, they're outspoken about what their beliefs are, but anytime it goes in anywhere else beyond that, as anything that doesn't along line along with their beliefs, they're very closed off or can be very argumentative. So this is a great conversation that I'm excited to have today. But Seth, what you said you've been an atheist for the last 12, 13 years, but what brought you to that point? What was your childhood like that brought you to that?

looking at it now, hindsight,:

Joseph: Yeah, absolutely. At what point, so you're now going to church to score the brownie points, what happened from there? How does that transpire from there?

he darkest I got was probably:

Joseph: And let me interrupt you, when you had, when you were at the moment of getting ready to commit suicide, and then those text messages come in, did you feel like an overwhelming presence of God? Did you feel like something was changing internally? And then of course you were denying it to everybody, but did you, in the midst of denying it to everybody, ‘cause you couldn't show that you were wrong, were you feeling anything inside of you knowing that I am wrong and this is the right journey, I just can't admit it yet?

Seth: Hundred percent. So I go for my walks, like I have this little, I guess path, I would walk and I would just do, I don't know, however many laps I would do until I got tired and it's a two mile little path. I'd go off on these walks at that point, like I started trying to pray and like looking that prayer and seeking prayer. On my own accord, not letting other people really know I was doing it and not really, but yeah, like I started to find like peace in it and I started to find things were becoming much easier in my mind and I found peace in my walks with prayer, but I didn't feel like an overwhelming sense of God at the time. I just felt, oh crap, and maybe that was the sense of guys, the oh crap factor, like I'm wrong, because at the time, like the biggest fear to me was being wrong. I didn't tell I was being wrong. Preaching all this cool stuff to people for so long, and here I am, I'm wrong, like I, I know now that I'm wrong. I knew then at that point in time I'm like, oh gosh, I'm wrong, like God's real. So I wouldn't say it was like an overwhelming sense of feeling of God, I had that later on recently, but it wasn't at that time. So the first church session I went to or met sermon, I went. The preacher brought out all this luggage, and I've recently actually just had lunch with this preacher. And we went to a barbecue place and I told him and I was like, Hey, this is what this is and it's pretty cool and I appreciate it, but he brought all this luggage on stage and I was like, what the heck is he doing? But he is talking about carrying your bags at the airport and how much of a pain in the butt it is. And he's I doesn't want you to carry his baggage, and I felt like this guy was like talking to me only like I was sitting in this room, I'm like, this dude, there's nobody else in this room, this guy is talking to me. And so it started that, oh crap factor a little bit.

Joseph: Welcome to being a child of God.

Seth: I'm like, like at one point in time, like I felt like there was nobody else in the room, like it was just me and him, and there was a spotlight on him and I almost felt like I was fanboying a little bit, I'm like, okay, like this dude, this is in sync back in the nineties, like, all right, here we are. So that was a good time. And then we had one more session after that, and then Covid hit and they went to the online stuff. And my daughter's mom and I would once in a while watch it on TV and I would kinda be like, oh yeah, that's cool. I'll watch it later, but I'd be on my phone later on watch, and he's like by myself, because again, I'm still to the point where I'm like I can't be really letting people know that I was wrong and I'm this and that.

Joseph: And nobody had a clue yet, your friends, your baby mom.

Seth: I think they had a little clue, ‘cause I would say stuff like, oh yeah let's go to church or, oh, when's church starting back? Or, oh yeah I'll watch it. So I think they, it was so extreme at one point in time, and then even little things like that, I think they knew. My friends aren't morons, they're pretty smart people, my daughter's moms highly intelligent. But her parents are highly intelligent in one of my biggest support groups, so I think they knew, I think they had an idea. So time passed and she started the process of moving out of the house, which kind of set me back a little bit, like started messing my head as smidge. And she, right before she left is when I started really coming out that I was seeking God and I was looking for God and I was trying to build this relationship with God, and really trying to find that walk with him. I remember one of the guys I taught in canine school, matter of fact he's a canine handler now, but he is also a youth pastor down in Bartow youth pastor, assistant pastor in Bartow. And I called him on the phone, I was like, Hey dude, I said, we need to get lunch, this is something I wanna talk to you about and I can't really do it over the phone, and this is about the same time she's moving out. And I said, so he went to his little Mexican place around here, it's called Abuelos, and we met up during his canine school. I do caught the complete crap side of me, like I mocked this dude. He, I knew as a pastor, saw him all up in his mix. So I'm just bashing him for being Christian, I'm bashing Apostle Paul to the max and like Apostle Paul and steroids. And I'm just bashing this to you. So we go to abuelo's and I said, Hey, I didn't wanna do this over text. I said, but I'm really sorry, and I'm really sorry. And I feel like a jack wagon for even being like this. So since then, him and I had breakfast this morning. Since then, him and I became actually pretty close, we try to get breakfast at least every other week, but this dude is crazy because I talked to this morning about my current struggles. Things I'm battling in faith and just normal stuff, and he was like, what's crazy is this last night at our at church, cause they make notes every night of church and he's I have the notes for you and I think you're gonna be surprised of what it is, and like I was telling him this morning, I was like, you can, I said lately, I really feel the devil just working on me. I feel like he's trying to put wedges in between relationships, I feel like he's, trying to work at me like hard and he. I got these notes for you and it was all about how the devil has no authority over you, how Satan has nothing. But going back to a little bit past, so my daughter's mom started moving out and that's when I really started to seek God. I started really relying on God and looking for answers, and then our church opened back up, they had our soft openings and I went to their first soft opening and it was like the same thing. It was like every time I hear this pastor preach, it's this dude's talking directly to me, it's every time, like sometimes I really feel like I'm the only person in the room with this guy. So church started back and they had an Easter service, so what a month ago Easter service, but it was on Saturday and I'm one of those guys we go to a crowd, like I'm always looking who's passing me and I'm always sitting in the back by myself and stuff like that. So I'm at the Saturday Night Church, Easter service at church and I knew what he was gonna say ‘cause he is with every eye closed and every head bow. If you wanna accept Jesus, your Lord to savior you raise your hand, and I think knowing what he was gonna say, I think before he could get the words outta his mouth, man, I threw up my hand so fast and I was just like, and that's probably the time I had an overwhelming sense of God. Like probably the first real time that I've been like, just like the overwhelming, it felt like you're entire body's asleep, like the little tingles all over it and just, I didn't feel like I put my hand up, like my hand just shoots up and I'm like, so I, that was what, around April 8th? It was a Saturday before Easter, after that, they always give connect cards in the brochure. So I fill out this connect card, drop it in the box and I start this process, we have a process at our church called the Next Step Classes. So it's a two week thing where you go to a class and they talk to you about baptism, what the church is about, and just give you an in-depth, just really talk to you and make sure your heart's in the right spot, and so I start the next step classes and then I made a decision the week of April 25th to get baptized. And the week leading up to my baptism has probably been out of everything that's happened in the last year and a, probably the worst week I think I've ever had in my life, I know other people have had much, much worse, but that week was such a battle, it was such like a mental battle, I remember leaving my baptism meeting. So you had the two classes and then that Sunday before the Sunday before you get baptized, I had a baptism meeting. It was at five o'clock, I left that baptism meeting and from five o'clock till 10 minutes before I got baptized on the next Sunday on the 25th, man, that week was garbage, there was times I'm like, I'm not getting baptized. It's just not the time, like I'm every single day, it was something Sunday night, it started, to be honest with you. So Sunday night after my baptism meeting, it's starting, I did some nonsense. I should have done, reacted to some news negatively that I shouldn't have reacted to like that, and I made some decisions that weren't the smartest Monday and Tuesday I relapsed for two days and stayed trashed, like I was trashed those two days, like started drinking again, those, because I always, I've drank heavily on emotion, whenever I get like angry or mad, like I suppress it, self-medicate with alcohol. So the, those two days, that Monday and Tuesday, again, stuff happened both days, I got my own head, I said, I'm gonna start drinking long, gonna drink beer and I'll be fine, ended up getting trash both nights, Wednesday night. Wednesday I woke up and I'm like, no, you can't be drinking it, you gotta stop. So I stopped drinking again. I haven't drank since, but Wednesday more news, Thursday more news, Friday, more stuff popped up like that whole week. It was just constant I remember saying, God, how much more can I take? This is getting to the point where it's crazy Friday, Saturday, and this stuff involves other people. I wish I could go depth to it, but it involves other people's personal lives as well. So I don't wanna really get too much into that, but then Sunday in the changing room, it's probably 9:45, I'm in the change room at the church, like our church has always it's like beautiful church, it has amazing changing areas for you to get changed. Before your baptism, you go up on. So I'm sitting there changing, I'm excited, half of the can, I shouldn't say half, a large part of the canine unit was there, my old canine supervisors were there. I had canine handlers in uniform, my daughters, moms parents are there, my friends and family are there. I knew all these people were there, and then I get a text message from my daughter's mom saying she wasn't coming to the baptism and like to me, I get we're not together, but that really messed my head a little bit, ‘cause I was like, okay, I get it. But we've always been like best friends, like we've always been close and rock, she put, huh? She was your rock, your support system.

nd I see that now. Hindsight,:

Joseph: Right, absolutely. So where is during all this, where is your mom and your stepdad at during all this?

Seth: My mom is divorced now, my mom yeah, she's divorced now, so there's no stepdad. She's been divorced about I think nine, 10 years. My mom, I talked to her, I've been to her more or less, she's not a church goer, but, great woman, she's gotten a lot better with age and I have nothing negative to say, we have a great relationship, it can definitely be better and I think it will be better with time, but yeah, I see her pretty often. She lives here locally and I see her, I talk to her a few times a week and see her, I try to see her at least once a week.

Joseph: Oh, good deal, good deal. Now during this time that you accepted Christ, you got baptized, you're still with the sheriff's department at this time, or you?

ce. I resigned in February of:

Joseph: So what was that? What led to your resign?

Seth: Yeah, so I went into an AI and then I had the business, and the business is doing great and still is doing amazing. Better than way better than I deserved, that's for sure, and so I just resigned, I could have went into an AI and still been in an AI today, but ultimately just ended up resigning. And they were great to me, the sheriff's office was great, they gave me my dog, the dog I was working at the time, I raised from a puppy and ended up working on the street, and so they gave my dog, they treated me well, they didn't treat me, they were very much on my side with the situation. It's just, it happens, and looking back now, I don't think law enforcement was a good thing for me, I don't know, you call it mentally weak, you call it, I'm gonna call it mentally weak because I think that anybody who goes to the atheist side is a mentally weak individual because it takes a mentally strong individual to be a Christian, I think because it's hard, it's not easy, it's very easy and very relaxed, being an atheist, and I think it's pro to people who are mentally weak and I think being a cop man, just seeing so much and dog biting all the people I dog, I think it just, I think it just pushed me further and just seeing that the dark side and not having God to rely on at the time, I think it just really put me in a bad spot. And I think that chapter's closed for me, I don't think I'll ever go back. The opportunities is there if I ever want to go back, but I don't foresee that ever happening, I think it's better and I'm blessed now. The business, you run a dog train company, it's a much better life and income, much more lucrative than being a cop, but much less stress. And so it's I think that chapter's closed and I think it's closed for a reason, I don't know what the future holds, I ask God every day for, to show me purpose if there's purpose outside of the business. But if anything, I think as I grow in my faith one day, my, a passion I'm gonna have later on down the road as I grow is going to be to reach out to atheists, I feel like a lot of people who are Christians, don't know the other side as well as they don't have a personal experience on the other side.

Joseph:Oh yeah, absolutely.

Seth: A lot, and I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing. There's days I wish I had never been on that side cause my life today would be substantially different. But being on that side of things, I know why people go there, but I know why people venture over there and I know why people get stuck there and I know why people like it there, it's, yeah.

Joseph: The whole, and you followed me along my journey. We're gonna talk about that here in a minute, but the whole thing, behind The premise of this podcast is we all go through painful experiences. We all from childhood, some people in the womb, even though they don't know that they're experiencing it, they're still hearing the words. They're still hearing being around that atmosphere, even a mother on drugs affects the baby. Alcohol affects the baby words, things like that affects the baby, and of course, it can stem into our livelihood, and so ultimately, It's finding that purpose of the pain that we go through in life. Some of the pain we didn't bring on our, my dad abused me. I didn't bring it on myself and now, even though I felt like I was a pretty good kid, I still did stuff that probably brought on some discipline that was definitely well overboard on things. But ultimately that wasn't something that I'm like, Hey, I elect to get beat today, or even my wife passing away, when the experience that you have on the I'll call it the other side, that non-belief side, believing that there's not a God denouncing things, even making fun of people and ridiculing people, ultimately deep down inside. You were experiencing a lot of pain, you just didn't call it pain at the time because it was free Will, it was your, yeah, desire to do whatever you wanted to do until you started to realize. Man, this has led me down to a place that I don't want to be anymore, and you are of course causing people, the people around you, you were causing pain. You probably didn't recognize it at the time you, there's no doubt that you do now, but there's no doubt in my mind that all that you went through. There's a purpose, there's a greater purpose. And in Hebrews chapter four, it talks about where it says, for we have not a high priest who can't be touched with the feeling of our infirmities. I don't know what it's like to be atheist, I can't sit there. If I wanted to be theological and things like that and quote scriptures and stuff like that, yeah, I can have a conversation with an atheist and tell them how much God loves them, but at the end of the day, it was the experience that you had, not people saying that God loves you. Not saying, Hey, you need to be in church, not saying that there is a God. None of that changed your life, it was the experience that you had where it's just Hey, there is a God, I'm about to I'm about to pull the trigger, the rest of this trigger on this Glock, and all of a sudden I'm getting these text messages and I'm getting this experience that's happening. There's gotta be a God and the fact that's your sit there you've gone through it, how to relate, and that's what that scripture is about, is the fact that we can't touch. What we cannot feel. I don't know what it's like, I have no idea to, so to sit there and have a conversation with somebody that's been on that dark side, I've had dark times, but not to the point of putting a gun to my head, not to the point of self-destruction or drinking myself into the next day. And I've had dark times in my life with my dad and my mom or my wife passing away all in the same month, that was very dark for me, but probably no or considered the darkness that you walked through. In the midst of all that, I was still walking in the light of Christ, and so you are now stepping into what I like to say is your purpose through all that pain, even though it hasn't been fully exposed, ‘cause you're walking through it now, but the fact that today your lesson with your client about when sharing with him, you can sit there and relate. I would, I'd be taking notes, I'd be keeping my mouth shut and taking notes where you're sitting there sharing, what you've gone through, because it's ultimately relatable, because who can share the best with somebody than somebody that has gone through it?

Seth: Yeah. I think you hit the nail on the head. Childhood has a lot to deal with it. We all go through struggles and we all go through experiences. My childhood wasn't all bad, but it seems like the bad things, are always the things that stick out, the most vivid memory I have in my mind is that night we left a movie theater and a Thunderbird. I can tell you the clothes my stepdad had on, he had a green hurricane, Miami hurricane's shirt on everything. I remember him coming home the next morning wearing the same clothes all ripped up for my mom and didn't pull on his shirt and he was punched. My mom, she was all messed up, and so it's the things that, the good things don't always stand out, the bad things they do, you're right. The hurt I cause people, I still think about it. I've thought about it today and there's times that makes me nauseous, like the pain I cause the people I care and love about and the way I treated them. And yeah, most of them have forgiven me, but it's still something I say that I know Christ forgives us, and I know we have to forgive ourselves, but I don't think we have to let go of the memories of where we once were or what we once did, because it reminds us we're never to go back to. It reminds us of as Jacob Peterson says, that monster that lives up in here, that monster that we need to be terrified of everybody has one in their bodies. We all have a monster, and the whole thing with the suicide. I was ready to do it and it all goes back, like I said just a little bit ago, being atheist is easy and it's for the weak-minded and committing suicide when you're going through something tough. I didn't have at that time, Christ to lean on, I didn't have faith to lean on at that point in time. I felt like I had nobody, I didn't wanna talk to my friends, I was pushing my daughter's mom away, I was, her mom and dad ultimately are like parents to me, like I love her parents, they are like a huge support system for me. I talk to them all the time. Amazing people, almost like superheroes to me, honestly. Her mom's like a Wonder Woman, or her dad's like Superman, so I even pushed them away. Like recently they were, I was talking to her mom, she's you stopped coming around for a while, you I wasn't my daughter's mom would go over there with my daughter and I wouldn't go. I'd go around holidays and that was about it, I didn't want to do with it because I didn't wanna be around those people, like I was feeling like I was, I need to pull myself away from those people, so the whole suicide thing, getting to that. Yeah, it's because it all goes back to being weak minded, it all goes back to, I remember being a cop man and having zero sympathy before these people who were getting Baker Acted and stuff. Cause I was like, oh, you're weak minded. Who comes to that point? Who, how I love myself, I'd never do that, it was all a façade, it was all a lie, it was all a, this stigma I made up for myself that I had some Superman complex and essentially I was weak-minded, I needed help, like I truly, should have been in counseling and therapy years ago. I truly should have had my head pulled outta my rear end years ago in my life Ttoday, I live a great life, I have a beautiful home, beautiful. I have all that cool stuff, but I'm just now I'll be 30 next week, I'll be 30 next week, and I'm just now starting my walk of Christ. Just now, I'm sitting in an empty house, my daughter, I'll see her over the next few days. I flush 13 or 14 years of relationship down the toilet, hit the button because of my dumb butt. You know what I'm saying? So that's stuff I battle with. But it was all caused by that weak mindset I had. Being atheist, leading that walk through the dark, I always think of it as like being in a brand new room you've never been in with the lights completely off, and you're stumbling around aimlessly. Bumping into everything, just trying to find your way, trying to find your way, trying to find your way, and at some point in time you're gonna see that little shine of light underneath the door that's closed and you're gonna walk towards that, everybody goes, at some point in time, everybody goes to Christ. I don't care who you are. At some point in time you're gonna go, it may not be till you're on your deathbed and you try to restore your relationship with Christ at that point in time, but at some point in time, everybody's gonna go to that spot. But it's a great thing, I think also going back to being a cop, you. When you try to be an alpha male and you try to go out there and you solve people's problems and you're always on the front lines with your dog and you're out there finding all these be, you don't think anything's wrong with you like, you think you're the toughest person on the planet, like you think that. You build this complex that when you show up with the dog on a scene where somebody's crazy or somebody ran or this, that, or the other, you're a Superman. You get out, you find the guy, the shift gives you high fives, dude goes to the hospital and you're the hero, you know what I'm saying? Like that builds something here, especially when you're not walking with Christ. I think if you're walking to the Christ, you're gonna be okay. Like you say, they're your tough times, you still have the light of Christ, but when you don't have that, it starts, that's when the drinking, a lot of cops, it's a lot of cops have alcohol problems and the ones that I know personally and still do, I reach out to them pretty often now and I make mistakes all the time. Like I just told you a month ago, for two days I relapse, deal with my emotions, mine going million miles an hour, I drank myself to sleep both nights, and then I quickly realize that crap's gotta stop again, and I have great accountability partners, I have people who make sure that I'm, it's good. Like that whole week leading up to that baptism was tough. But now that I'm out of it, it's easy, like I went out there night with some friends to a brewery. I have no problem saying, no, I don't wanna be here. Just give me a H2O on the rocks with a twisted lemon.

Joseph: Give me a warm Coca-Cola.

Seth: I don't have any problems that now, but that week, man, that week was, Godly, That week was rough. It's been crazy, man. And I'm excited for the journey, it's been crazy. It's been looking back, it's like, where, what in the heck did you do that for? Like how could you be so blind to just realize, to follow these atheist ways? And ultimately we can call atheist or satanic. I don't care which one you are, you're following Satan, you are, if you're atheist, you're living an atheist lifestyle and you're following Satan. If you're Satanic, that just means you're worshiping Satan, and there was a point where I would say I was borderline satanic, I am a huge proponent of worship through music. That's something I came about recently, and you listen to some of these songs that are out these days and you're like, what? And the crap are these kids listening? So I was listening to black Sabbath, I was listening to ghosts, I was listening to Marilyn Manson, I was listening to anything dark I could get ahold of and just listening to it. And there's power in music worship, there's power in that.

Joseph: Yeah, absolutely. It's just what power are you gonna go towards? So now let me ask you this, and I've never asked you this. We've talked about it a little bit. You started listening to my story a while back. What did that do to you in regards to your journey, because you are not, you're not really pro, you have not started announcing that you are a born again Christian, that you accepted Christ until recently. So what was going through you when you were hearing my message? Knowing that I was sharing my faith, but then also I'm like, because I got the question, I was like, why is such a good guy that serves God? Why is God allowing this to happen? What was going through your mind when you heard, when you started to hear my story.

Seth: Words, you were a big influence in the sense that you went through, in my opinion, one of the most tragic things you'd go to. You had a newborn baby and you had other kids, and your wife had just passed away, and right after, I contemplated suicide, you would post things about your wife's birthday or anniversary, like you'd always post pictures of your family, and to me that was always like, I would see that and I'd be like, here's this guy. I remember when everything happened with you, at that point in time, I was in the midst of my darkest times, I'd see it on Facebook. So as I'm coming outta my stuff and trying to find my way and stumbling around that dark room, I remember you posting stuff, man. Like you'd post stuff, pictures of your family, pictures of your wife, and I'm like, I can't even imagine, like here this guy is lose his wife to cancer, is raising his kids by himself. One that's a baby and you're staying strong, but here I am having to go through all this and I'm thinking of the most cowardly way out possible, which is to put a bullet in my head and leave my friends. There was one night you'd posted something, I remember that's probably the first time I ever talked to you and I just wrote back, you're something like you're an inspiration or thank you for what you do, it's just the strength you had and the strength you showed through the pictures of your family and through your wife that passed away. That was like a huge impact to me, and then another guy, AJ Morrow, he was with the drinking thing, man. Dude came from, all kinds of nonsense, and he'll tell us, he tells a story openly talking about he was hardcore on drugs in trouble with the law and now that dude's doing amazing, he was, he's a counselor. He helps people get away from that lifestyle, and recently I had a chance to meet him, I was in Tennessee at Justin's place and he was there, and I talked to the dude, I opened up to him a little bit and I was like, it's like you were huge, you as far as he, as far as me drinking and all the drinking I was going through, he was a big part for me too.

Joseph: Man that's awesome. Where do you find yourself now? You're a month into this, what do you feel like God is speaking to you now in regards to your journey and the direction that it's heading?

my Bible, I had a Bible from:

Joseph: What can you say to listeners that may, some of the listeners that may be going through something similar, maybe not atheist, or maybe they just don't have a relationship with God, or just maybe finding themselves in a dark time even as Christians, we can find ourselves in a dark time. We can find ourselves leaving or walking away from the presence of God. How, what can you leave them with to just as encouragement or even direction for them if they're going through something like what you've experienced?

Seth: For me with my personality, and this is something I've told a lot of my friends who are in law enforcement, you're not too tough for God. Don't ever think that makes you weak, don't ever be embarrassed to say you follow God or you're a Christian, I feel like a lot of people think that's weak and there is a God, but there is Satan too, like they both exist, like they both are real, really real, you know what I'm saying? They're both there and the one side's easy and the other side's not, and if you're battling to find price, take some time, take time every single day and just pray and read the Bible. And honestly, just, I think sometimes as Christians, we run this mouth too much and we need to just close our mouth and just be quiet, if you have to be quiet for 1, 2, 3, 4 hours. I spend a lot of time doing that, there's a lake locally, I've been running a lot lately, and there's a little park bench man where you can go sit and I'd go sit and look at the lake and there was a day, I sat there for two and a half hours. Just listen and you're gonna hear what you need to hear and it's gonna come to you. If you're in a dark spot, don't ever be scared, and this was a problem I had, don't ever be scared to seek professional help, don't ever be scared to go talk to somebody. Find somebody who's a Christian-based therapist, who has good Christian beliefs, but don't ever be scared to, to get help, and I think I'm speaking to a lot of cops on this is because as a cop, you're tough. You handle everybody else's problems, you're bullet. Don't ever be scared to get on their knees and take your battles to God, battle on your knees and not with your fists so much and seek out professional help because it's done wonders for me, my therapist, he's a Christian, but he'll also look me right in my eye, laugh at me in my face and tell me no, negative. So for people out there just…

Joseph: We need those people in our lives.

Seth: Oh yeah, this guy, I'm telling you, this guy's a godsend and he's became, he's hilarious for one, but he's, I've never had so much dissect my mind like he does. It's like biology class or something, he's just picking us apart and, but in a Christian thought out way, and a dude's been amazing. And so for people out there, I guess in a short sense, I would say don't be scared to get help. Don't be scared to not battle things on your own, and this is something I'm still learning greatly and it has to go with. Go to God on your knees in prayer and battle that way and let God have it, ‘cause God rather battle it and he's gonna kick butt a lot more. You're gonna kick butt than just don't get caught up in that atheist ways, man. Don't get caught up in following Satan, don't get caught up because it's easy to do and you'll think you're not doing it and before it, you're full blown into it and you're like, how the heck do I get out of it?

Joseph: Yeah. Lastly, what does the words purpose through pain mean to you?

Seth: To me, I would say purpose through pain means, I guess it'd be like what I post on Facebook the other day. The pain you go through today is the building blocks for a testimony tomorrow, the situation today may suck. So there's things I'm going through right now today that are eaten at my heart. Me, it's, that's horrible, but one day there's gonna be a purpose behind it, and we're gonna see what that purpose is.

Joseph: That's awesome brother. Seth, thanks so much for being on the show and I just encourage the listeners to, Seth is a dog trainer there in the Polk County area in Florida, and he does an amazing job out there. If you are out there in that area, you need a dog trained, he is the man to go to and one of these days we're gonna be able to link up and actually do some training together. Seth, thanks so much, brother. I greatly appreciate you.

Seth: Hey man. I appreciate you too. Have it going, Joe.

Joseph: Thanks brother.