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Spice World - Spice World EPISODE 10, 4th June 2020
Dune - Chapter 10

Dune - Chapter 10

Derek's adding "ovals" to the conspiracy board this week. We spend the chapter in a veritable Garden of Eden with Jessica and a Servok. There is a lot to decipher in this chapter. Before someone else knocks over Hawat’s door stop we cover…

The Wrinkly Owl,

Shadout Door Closer,

What hath God wrought? Not Gamont,

And The Glossary Game outshines the competition, but is overshadowed by a special surprise!

Episode Guide

02:50 Chapter Summary Begins

01:28:45 Lady Margot Fenring

01:35:20 Gamont

01:28:00 Glossary Game: Chaumas, Al-Lat


Dreaming Tree

Pinot Noir

"This is really good, it's very strong."