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#234 - Veterinary Innovative Partners: Reimagining Veterinary Medicine
Episode 2349th June 2024 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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Alright today I’m joined by two guests from Veterinary Innovative Partners (VIP), a network of 40+ veterinarian-owned-and-operated hospitals across nine states. Dr. Brett Shorenstein & Dr. Don Costlow. Dr. Shorenstein is a practicing veterinarian with 10+ years of experience. Previously an investment banker in NYC, he left the industry to follow his true passion of becoming a small animal veterinarian. Combining his financial expertise with veterinary training, Dr. Shorenstein focuses on cultivating a positive workplace culture and reigniting fellow veterinarians' passion for their work. Dr. Costlow draws on 30+ years of experience in veterinary medicine, practice ownership and business development to forge meaningful relationships with veterinarians. Dr. Costlow has owned and operated veterinary hospitals since 1997. We discuss:

  • Brett's link between investment banking and veterinary medicine?
  • What Don realized about his leadership style and changes he had to make as he grew hospitals? 
  • Their non-consensus views that the industry as a whole might disagree with them on?
  • What do they think financially is still undervalued by most of the veterinary community? 
  • What VIP is doing to truly be different for veterinarians.
  • Inflation and pricing and how they've approached it.
  • What areas of veterinary medicine that they find the most interesting? Why? 

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