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Episode 5627th March 2023 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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As of July 2023, we won't be posting new episodes but you can connect with Bec & Michele and continue the conversation via the links below.

Michele has a NEW Podcast - Join her over at 'Sellable Art That Feels Like Me' to hear more.


This is a special episode with highlights from Michele’s week-long Artist Breakthrough Blueprint event. With more than four hours of teaching, we couldn’t include the detailed explanations and practical exercises, but this selection will hopefully give some fresh ideas to consider for your art life. Michele digs into:

  • creating a business that you really (no, REALLY) love
  • the most common goals that growth-minded artists aspire to
  • what are the opportunities for artists now?
  • how important is genre to selling art?
  • what do we need to know about the buyer cycle to make better business decisions?
  • how do breakthroughs accelerate our art and business?
  • how do we use breakthroughs to build a bridge between our now, and where we want to be?
  • the critical decision that successful artists (and businesses) make.

If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss the next time Michele offers her free Artist Breakthrough Blueprint teaching, jump on the reminder list here.


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