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How To Build A Successful YouTube Channel With Muselk
Episode 10219th August 2018 • Be The Drop • Narrative Network
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Elliott Watkins, better known online as Muselk, is a 22 year old Australian YouTuber based in Sydney. With over 6.3 Million subscribers to his YouTube Channel and nearly 1.8 Billion total video views since launching, Muselk has established international credibility as a YouTube content creator. 

But what does it take to build a successful YouTube Channel? How do you create initial momentum to attract subscribers and grow your channel? Muselk's channel grows by an average of 18,000 subscribers daily and averages 4 million views per day (stats from Social Blade), so I was thrilled to sit down with him at Hybrid World Adelaide to get his thoughts on how to crack YouTube success.

In today's episode of Be The Drop, Muselk shares his journey as a YouTuber, including his biggest challenges along the way and his top advice on how to grow an internationally recognised YouTube Channel. 


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