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Hair Salon Gives Clients the Silent Treatment - with Samantha James Hair Design
Episode 3 • 4th April 2022 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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When you go to a salon for services, do you feel like there is an expectation for conversation? If so, what if you are a person who does not enjoy idle chit-chat? Today, I will be speaking with Samantha Lacoste and James Ouellette who believe that everyone deserves a safe space. Even people who prefer quiet over talking. Samantha and James are co-owners of Samantha James Hair Design, a trendy hair salon in the heart of St. Boniface, Winnipeg that allows you to get the silent treatment if you are so inclined.

I invite you to listen and learn as we speak about:

  • 00:05:15 - Creating the Silent Service
  • 00:06:41 - What is a Silent Service
  • 00:07:43 - Judgement free experiences
  • 00:08:35 - Peaceful moments
  • 00:10:00 - Client care
  • 00:11:08 - Enjoying Silence
  • 00:13:10 - Invitation to Just Be
  • 00:14:50 - Psychologically safe places
  • 00:15:30 - Impact on clients
  • 00:18:00 - Public centered positions
  • 00:19:10 - First Canadian Salon to offer Silent Service
  • 00:20:05 - Implementing Silent Service
  • 00:22:54 - Practicing how to talk to people
  • 00:25:25 - Creating a safe space for clients


Sunflower Lanyards

Quiet by Susan Cain

Heart by Imogen Brough

Highly Sensitive Extroverts - Bright Sparks


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