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Evolution of Customer Success at a Hyper Growth Business
Episode 1524th November 2021 • Gainsight GameChanger Podcast • Gainsight / StudioPod Media
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In this season finale, our special guest is John O’Melia, CCO at Contentsquare, one of the world's leading and fastest-growing SAS digital experience analytics platforms. John describes how Customer Success works in a company destined to scale exponentially, discussing the strategies he follows and challenges he overcomes with the help of his teammates. Listen to the final episode of a second season full of lessons learned and groundbreaking perspectives.

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(04:38) - Being the CCO of a fast-growing software company - “I take responsibility for everything post-sales. We look at implementing customers, getting them onboarded, introducing the success team and the customer success managers’ education.”

(06:39) - What is Contentsquare's key to effectively scaling its business? - “We're able to analyze that information and really surface insights to our customers in terms of what users are doing on that website.” 

(09:04) - How has customer success evolved to meet the challenge of that growth? - “It's like we have a train that's moving at a hundred miles an hour and we're trying to change the wheels on the train as it's hurtling down the track.”

(13:30) - Making sure customers are truly at the heart of a company’s culture - “We have touchpoints with our customers so we can sense something's not going quite to plan before it becomes an issue and take action very early.”

(16:55) Standardization challenges in the management of companies with different visions - “You may have a different personality in France to the UK or the US but you've got to have a common underpinning and consistent global experience”. 

(19:03) Why CS technology matters now more than ever - “As we acquire companies, if they don't have Gainsight, then we introduce that and we roll that out and we spend a lot of time harmonizing our common identity and having a consistent methodology.”


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