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Tap Into Large Gains in Shaky Market From Mineral Power Stock
Episode 17721st October 2022 • The Stock Power Podcast • Money & Markets
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In the energy sector, there are different ways to find gains.

You can buy into traditional energy companies such as utilities or oil miners.

Or you can think outside the box.

I have a different way to capitalize on the rise in the energy sector and collect a nice dividend in the process.

In today's episode of The Stock Power Podcast, I share a 95-rated Power Stock that doesn’t mine for oil and gas but instead collects money from what’s pulled from the ground.

And it's on track to profit due to its unique position.

Rather than invest in companies steeped in the heavy costs of mining, there’s another way to profit: Oil and gas royalty companies.

These royalty companies own rights to property (more importantly what’s underneath) and get paid for how much is pulled from the ground.

Because these companies don’t have the risk of increased mining costs such as equipment and labor, they capitalize on mining operations.

Using our Stock Power Ratings system, I found a company that owns royalties on some of the richest oil- and gas-producing land in the U.S. 

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