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6 Effective Steps To a Debt-Free Company Part-2
Episode 1525th November 2022 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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“As a business owner, you must keep a watchful eye on all your borrowings and constantly work on removing or at least reducing overall borrowings.” -Malay Damania

The goal of a business is to earn profit, but finance costs can eat up our profits. We need to keep an eye on the borrowings so that we can build a profitable business that generates enough surplus to fulfill our dreams.

In our previous episode, we discussed two critical points for getting your company out of debt. This episode will be a continuation of that discussion. You'll hear from your host, Malay Damania, about four more ways to make your company debt-free.

The points that are being discussed in this episode

1. Generating additional funds from your business

2. Getting smarter with credit card payments

3. Adopting a data-driven approach

4. How to create a separate fund in your business

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