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Preparing for the Unpredictable with Annie Vo
Episode 2612th July 2019 • This Thing Called Movement • Marie Janicek
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Annie Vo is a highly accredited fitness professional and a true veteran in the field. She has taken on many leadership roles during her career, including business founder and owner, Senior Instructor of RKC and Team Leader for PCC, and also services clients through her private personal training business in NYC. She is also studying for a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology. I have the deepest respect for Annie; she is such a devout professional in her work and is so authentically committed to honing her craft in as many facets and possible, and I am honored that she devoted her time to record with me and share her story here.

In this episode we discussed Annie’s induction into fitness, her relationships with different fitness modalities, specifically weight lifting and kettlebells, and most uniquely a recent unexpected and unfortunate attack she suffered this past year in NYC. This gave us both a very different lens to explore and unpack her movement history, how movement has influenced her life, and got us talking about the complexities of confrontation and aggression in social situations. One of my favorite takeaways was Annie’s explanation of how to manage our time, focus, and effort, and how these resources are always being shifted into different parts of our lives depending on the choices we make in allocating them.

To connect further with Annie and to learn more her work, you can contact her through her website or Dragon Door, both of which are listed below:

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