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3 Marketing Resources You Need to Know & Use for your Business
Episode 4021st October 2021 • Cocktails & Content Creation • Cocktails & Content Creation
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Episode 40: 3 Marketing Resources You Need to Know & Use for your Business

Welcome to episode forty of the Cocktails & Content Creation Podcast! For this episode, we’re going to talk about the marketing resources that you need to know and use for your business with Julia Becker Collins of Vision Advertising.

In our fortieth episode you’ll learn:

  • The questions you should be asking yourself BEFORE you even start marketing
  • How google analytics can be helpful in creating a marketing strategy
  • Why LinkTree can be an ally to your marketing funnel by making things easier
  • How Canva can actually support marketing efforts
  • 3 often ignored resources that will help you to grow your business
  • Why you don’t have to be everywhere on social media

About our Guest:

Julia Becker Collins is the Chief Operating Officer at Vision Advertising, a women-owned marketing agency located in Massachusetts. She has a long history of working with nonprofits and co-founded the MetroWest Women's Network. Recently returning from medical leave due to thyroid cancer, Julia has quickly plunged back into business while continuing treatment and shares lessons learned from her obstacles. Outside of work, she’s an avid marathoner, trail runner, and tackles obstacle races such as Ultras and Spartans, not letting her recovery or the lack of traditional races this year slow her down.

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