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Dice Try - Party People Media 12th June 2020
Episode 0
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Episode 0

This week we take a step back and reassess Dice Try's future. We at Dice Try have already stated that we will not be playing under the Dungeons & Dragons game mechanics from now on. Unfortunately this means we are dropping the Iloa storyline.

For this episode, join Daniel Schaub, Earl T. Kim, Crista Llewellyn, Paul Alan Dixon, Glenn Davis, and Gabriel Toya-Melendez as they brainstorm and discuss what new exciting adventures they potentially have in store for you!

Game Master - Daniel Schaub (IG&TW: @hemingwaylite)

Players - Earl T. Kim (IG: @fyrestorm, TW: @earlofsammich), Crista Llewellyn (IG&TW: lady_rogue_), Paul Alan Dixon (IG&TW: @paulalandixon)

Audio Engineer/Editor - Gabriel Toya-Melendez (IG: @gtoya.melendez, TW: @japorican1)

Additional Music - Glenn Davis (IG: @thecavedale, SOUNDCLOUD: Somnium.)

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