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21. My Sales Call Process that has Created 97% Yeses at the 5 Figure Offer Level
Episode 2121st February 2024 • Cycle Breakers & Money Makers • Mariela De La Mora | Leadership and Business Coach for Women of Color
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Thanks to my sales call process, I’ve sold just under a million dollars of coaching in 4 years. Of course, a lot more goes into it than that, but a phone call if often the make or break factor.

It’s possible to get mostly (or all) yeses without being pushy. And you definitely don't have to make anyone give you an answer on the call. If you've ever been given advice on how to conduct sales calls that felt a bit icky, this episode is for you.

It’s possible to get more pay in full clients at 15k and 10k than ever before. At this caliber, the clients show up to sales calls having already done their research. So remember that third party credibility is a big piece of this puzzle. Conversion doesn't start and end on this call.

Before the call:

- I do my research on the person before the call

- I take their intake form responses and turn them into a coaching program outline

- Highlight parts of their answers I want to dig more into. I will even write follow up Qs there.

During the call:

- I greet them like I would someone I know.

- Outline the call so they know what to expect

- I open with curiosity and ask "tell me a little more about what brought you to book this call with me today."

- I sit back and build a bridge

After the call:

- I send them a coaching program outline, an AI transcript and a recording of the call

Listen to the full episode to hear some mindset gems that will totally transform the way you conduct sales calls. And as always, if you enjoyed this episode, share it with friends and leave a quick review!

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