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How to be a Better Speaker and Hit all the Right Notes: A Conversation with Elaine Clark - Part 2
Episode 19830th August 2023 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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“So I think that when people can get that one word that hits them in the heart and in the gut, that’s what makes a good podcaster. When it’s just information, it’s information. And that’s where we often think, well, ‘I’ll just read the blog.’ You know, ‘I’ll go get a book on that.’ ‘I’ll look it up.’ You know, ‘I’ll just do a Google search and find it.’ But if someone is adding something to it that we haven’t thought about, and it puts a feeling to it and a story, and it makes us come alive, that’s what makes a good podcaster.” -- Elaine Clark


This week’s episode is the second half of my conversation with best-selling author, voiceover expert, and prolific voice actor Elaine Clark as we talk about the power of storytelling, what makes someone an expert, and the importance of style in everything from company meetings to ASMR.

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Getting to the Good Stuff

As the second half of our discussion begins, Elaine talks about how crucial finding the right pace can be when it comes to podcasting. "There are a lot of podcasters out there that have a podcast," she says, "but you have to wade through to get to the good stuff." We also talk about streaming shows and the new golden age of television and how binge-watching owes its success to the power of narratives and the importance of emotional storytelling. "People are anxious to tell a story," she explains, "and people really want to hear more of a story and have someone emotionally connected with it."


The Wrong Notes

Elaine tells us more about how the accessibility of podcasting, for creators and listeners, has helped it continue to thrive even after the height of the pandemic and offers advice on everything from the right equipment to the right vocal exercises. "You have to think of it like going to the gym," she says. "If I went to the gym and lifted some weights for a while, that will last me the rest of my life – if only." We talk about stepping outside our comfort zones and how breaking out of a rut can be the key to finding your best voice. "That's how," she says, "through patterns and how I listen to someone, I realize whether they're stuck in a place and different ways they can change, and that makes a huge difference. Because it's usually their vocal range is fine, but they just got stuck on the wrong notes."


Making It Their Idea

As our discussion wraps up, we discuss the future of audio in the digital age, from social media to branding opportunities. “In society,” Elaine notes, “the visuals mean so much. But over the phone or in podcasts, the voice has become just as important, if not more,” She also offers her advice, gleaned from her work with both professional clients and her own children, on how to persuade people through listening and understanding. “Letting people come up with their idea,” she explains, “is the most effective way that you can communicate. So it's their idea, not just yours.”


Episode Summary

  • The qualities that make for a compelling podcast host
  • What a conference in India taught Elaine about the power of perspective
  • Tips for improving voice recordings, from microphones to muscle memory
  • The value of compromise and being willing to meet people halfway


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