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036: Lining Up The Bits (featuring Michael and Tegan from RESET Podcast)
Episode 3627th August 2017 • Bit Storm • Ben Slinger and Trevor Scott
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Michael and Tegan from RESET join Ben and Trevor in designing a new toys to life franchise revolving around body pillows, a raunchy game of Tetris, a solar system spanning Tupperware conspiracy, a zombie knitting game, a side scrolling nerds vs jocks beat-em-up, a very asymmetrical game of basketball and the existential crisis of Robert Cattington. Click Pitch: Forger Remodeling Submarine Centering Civilisation Honeycomb Badger Warehouse Interrupt Unorthodox Constipation Ceremony Vaulting Gasoline Dynamite Buff Headway Exhale Gritty Gnawed Credit Knitted Snuggle Pearl Beyond Crouch Assured Upshot Lacerating Ski Bobcat Exile Wallet Collusion Airtight RESET Social Media: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Podchaser: