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Change The Channel - Joy Kingsborough EPISODE 3, 15th November 2020
Channeling is Normal
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Channeling is Normal

This is the first guest episode and that guest is Kyla Clapper. Kyla is the roaster at FlockCup Coffee where the coffee is about more than just the caffeine. Every coffee bean is sustainably sourced and intentionally selected to pair with a personal experience from Kyla’s life. 

She pairs her spiritual gift of being a code reader and clear channel with her skill of roasting coffee to create a truly magickal coffee drinking experience!

She expanded even further this year to share her spiritual gift with the world and formed The Clair Matrix. Where she guides others to co-creating intentionally with origin code.

In her personal life she enjoys homeschooling her kids and enjoying nature www.FlockCup.com  is her website.

  • 02:15 - Where it all began for Kyla
  • 04:45 - Something not talked about in channeling
  • 08:40 - Creating from the dark space
  • 11:13 - Shifting it to business
  • 13:55 - True to code
  • 15:50 - How do you know that you know?
  • 18:10 - Seeing code
  • 23:38 - What she sees and where you can find her