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Is It Time For You to Tap Out? | EP36
Episode 3615th January 2024 • Unjaded: Human Design for Intentional Entrepreneurs • Vickie Dickson
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What if your own unique Human Design was telling you to (temporarily) tap out? To pause? To rest? Would you listen?

Join me on this week's episode of Unjaded as I unpack what the call to tap out looks like in my own Human Design, and how I am honouring that.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Honouring your own Human Design when it is time to (temporarily) tap out.
  • What that looks like in my own unique Human Design. 
  • Navigating your emotional wave, especially when you haven’t had enough rest or TRUE self care.
  • How having a defined Root Centre can send pulses through your energy levels.
  • What your Human Design “Environment” makes you best suited for.

There are so many opportunities to lean into Human Design to make your life easier. And we need to give ourselves more permission to be able to step away when things are not flowing to be able to stop and take a pause and go “Hmm, how can I get back into alignment so that I am on fire? So that I am lit up so that I have things to respond to? So that I accept the right invitations? So that I initiate the right things?” All of that stuff matters. Human Design is truly your best chance to stay #Unjaded.

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Life is gonna kick you around. Stay Unjaded! ✌️

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