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Reaching Gen Z couples with your wedding business with Randi Bushell
Episode 7921st September 2023 • Wedding Pros who are ready to grow - with Becca Pountney • Becca Pountney
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For a long time we have been serving Millennial couples, but now we are starting to see more and more couples from Gen Z! What do Gen Z couples expect from their wedding planning and how can we serve them better?

In this episode I speak to Randi Bushell, founder of Merri about what Gen Z want, how technology can help and how you can be reaching Gen Z couples with your wedding business.

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Time Stamps:

Gen Z Communication Preferences [00:00:00] Explains how Gen Z prefers short, frequent communication compared to longer, drawn-out communication.

Introduction to Randi Bushell and Merri [00:01:00] Introduces Randi Bushell, founder and CEO of Merri, a 3D design tool for wedding pros.

The Inspiration Behind Merri [00:02:53] Discusses how Randi came up with the idea for Merri while planning her own wedding and bridging her e-commerce experience with the events industry.

The birth of the informed consumer [00:09:25] How the availability of information online changed the wedding industry and the role of wedding professionals.

The rise of the inspired consumer [00:10:42] The impact of Instagram and Pinterest on the wedding industry, and how millennials were influenced by visual content.

The emergence of the innovative consumer [00:11:49] The unique characteristics of Gen Z, their reliance on technology, and their desire for personalized and intentional experiences.

Setting up milestones and using project management tools [00:19:57] Explains the importance of identifying milestones and using project management tools to track progress and automate tasks.

Fast response times and communication preferences of Gen Z [00:23:28] Discusses the expectation of fast response times, the use of automation, and the preference for short, frequent communication methods like text messaging.

Tech enablement and the importance of technology in wedding planning [00:28:36] Explores how technology has become an integral part of everyday life for Gen Z and its impact on wedding planning, including automation and streamlining processes.

Topic 1: Aligning expectations and communication with clients [00:29:51] Discussion on the importance of automating response times, creating a roadmap, and using preset milestones to align expectations with clients and communicate effectively.

Topic 2: Benefits of Merri software for event planning [00:31:13] Exploration of how Merri software helps event planners, venues, and rental companies in finalizing floor plans, managing logistics, and providing a virtual showroom for rental companies.

Topic 3: Planning accordingly and setting realistic expectations [00:38:21] Advice on planning for longer timelines and higher costs in business endeavors, emphasizing the need to set realistic expectations and be patient in achieving success.

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The changing landscape of wedding planning [00:39:56] Discussion on how wedding planning is evolving over time and the challenges of adapting to new ways of doing things.

Tips for embracing the future of wedding planning [00:40:09] Advice on small steps that can be taken to embrace the changing landscape of wedding planning and stay ahead.

Recommendation to check out innovative software [00:40:09] Encouragement to explore a specific software that is mentioned in the podcast episode and is said to be mind-blowing.

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