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#51 In conversation with Stefan Lavén, our CEO and Founder - Looking back on 2022 at Data Talks
Episode 5120th December 2022 • Sports CDP Crash Course - Data Talks • Data Talks
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Meet Stefan Lavén the CEO and Founder of Data Talks. 

Did you listen to #49 with Martin Jacobsen, Ticketing Manager at FC Midtjylland on Using a subscription model to sell football tickets? Well, Stefan was the interviewer. So in a sense, you have already met him.

In this episode, however, we get to interview him. We look back:

  1. on the journey that our company Data Talks has been on so far in 2022  
  2. the highlights and crucial steps we took this past year 
  3. and also look forward to what we hope will happen in 2023 

Stefan also gives all the aspiring CEOs and leaders out there advice on how to achieve as much success as he has so far. Follow Stefan on LinkedIn to connect with him.

Join our mission
At Data Talks, we are passionate about equality. This past year we have worked hard to advocate for women's sports in order to bring more visibility for women in sports through our initiative: Women in Sports: Beyond the hashtag. Not only that but we have, and continue, to strive to create tangible value for women's sports by bringing commercial success to clubs and leagues within that sector. Along the way, a lot of people have joined our mission by joining our Women in Sports: Beyond the hashtag community platform. Members have an opportunity to network, collaborate and exchange skills and knowledge. They also get an opportunity to expand their personal brands by coming on to the podcast, speaking at our events and collaborating with us on various projects.

Why not become a part of the change as well by joining our community today?

About Data Talks

Data Talks CDP is a Customer Data Platform built specifically for sports. We make it easy for sports organizations to sell more tickets, negotiate sponsorship agreements of higher value, and increase merchandise sales. We are an international company with Swedish roots, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of our proud clients include RC Lens, The Austrian Ice Hockey Association, PAOK FC, AIK, the Swedish Golf Federation, and Collingwood FC.