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What is Lurking in the Seattle Underground?
Episode 2318th June 2021 • The Lady Dicks: Haunted, True Crime + History • The Lady Dicks
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Clanking chains. The drip-drip of water. Little noises of rats scurrying by. A tour guide cracking a bad dad joke. These are the sounds of the Seattle Underground, the city under a city.

Seattle, Washington is located on the coast of the Pacific and only a few hours drive from Canada. Directly under it is the Seattle Underground. These underground tunnels were once home to stores and shops until it was all left abandoned by a series of unfortunate events plaguing the fledgling city.

You don’t get to be centuries old without collecting a few ghosts along the way.

The Lady Dicks dick-tect history, mystery and paranormal tales from around the world. Hailing from Canada, Andrea and Tae are a terribly cheesy comedic duo that covers some of life’s biggest mysteries and peskiest ghosts.

The Lady Dicks Podcast was created by Tae Haahr. The Lady Dicks are Andrea Campion and Tae Haahr. “What is Lurking in the Seattle Underground?” was researched, written and produced by Julianna Foster and edited by Rory Joy. The Lady Dicks theme music, A Pink Panther, is licenced through AudioJungle.