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Your Primer For SUP Safety - A Beginners Week Bonus Episode
Episode 69Bonus Episode22nd July 2021 • SUPfm The International Stand Up Paddle Board Podcast • Simon Hutchinson
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This week is beginners week on SUPfm and ahead of Season 4 we've got new paddlers covered, with four episodes covering some of the key subjects and challenges facing new members of the tribe.

We're featuring experienced watermen and women covering these key subjects

  • How to choose your SUP
  • SUP safety
  • Learning, confidence and developing core skills
  • What you need to know about your iSUP and package

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In this episode we introduce you to some of the key elements of SUP safety as discussed with some of our past guests on the show.

Safety is something that you can never know enough about, but it doesn't have to be dull. Learning about your local conditions and how to prepare yourself can be one of the most enjoyable parts of connecting with the water.

As we mention , this is just a taster and we hope that this inspires you to find out more about safety through listening to the episodes in full, taking a course with an instructor or taking our Online SUP Safety Course at

If you haven't yet listened to our beginners week iSUP episode then we also talk in more detail about safety and the effect of the wind.

In this episode we feature an excerpt from an interview with Nick Ayres from the charity RNLI who talks about rescues and some core moves to keep yourself safe.

Find out more about the RNLI and contribute to their lifesaving work here:

RNLI's SUP Safety page is here

Safetrx is the application Nick refers to in the interview and there are variations of this application across the world, not just in the UK

Next we've got Reuben and Will from SUP Boarder: talking about planning, which is an essential skill whenever you go out on the water.

Our most downloaded episode of all time, features Professor Mike Tipton and we add an excerpt from our fascinating interview with him, about preparing yourself for paddling in cold water, which can still be a risk during the summer months.

David Walker from Paddlelogger also makes an appearance on this episode, taken from an interview last year where we discussed his continued focus on adding safety features to his innovative app:

In Season 4 of the podcast we're giving a shout out to the SUP instructors who work hard to help new and improving paddlers engage with the sport, and get equipped with the skills they need.

If you're a certified instructor from anywhere across the world, then we'd like to feature you on an episode. Simply leave us a message here with your name, your certifying body and a message about you and where you are, with a tip, piece or advice or even a nice word about the podcast ;)

You've only got 1min 25 secs of recording time and you can re-record as many times as you like before you send it!

We'll choose a recording to feature on each episode after applying a light edit and getting the sound right.

Well done to all instructors for your hard work expanding our SUP tribe and wishing you a great season!

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See you on the water!