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Conversation with Filmmaker Scott Squire
Episode 75th August 2016 • The Documentary Life • The Documentary Life
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Welcome to the third edition of our monthly conversation with a documentary industry person. This time out, I sat down with Seattle-based doc filmmaker Scott Squire, who along with his wife, Amy Benson, run the documentary production company, Non Fiction Media. Their first feature documentary is a film called Drawing the Tiger, and was shot entirely in the country of Nepal, a country that yours truly has quite a strong connection to himself, having shot a film of his own there (Journey to Kathmandu).


The conversation was a special one for me and one that I was excited to do from the outset. I was a massive fan of their Nepal doc and once I’d had a conversation with Scott, I knew that we had a lot of common ground that would be great to share with all of you documentary lifers! There is a bunch of great stuff in here for you guys… tips on making films in an environment like Nepal… how it’s important and why we doc filmmakers so often work with NGOs and humanitarian organisations around the world… what it’s like working in a business and creative relationship with one’s partner… and so so much more.


Enjoy hearing about two filmmakers incredible filmmaking journeys in Nepal. And enjoy learning more about how you can best lead and live your own documentary life!


FUN SIDE NOTE: This conversation was actually recorded a few months back when I began work on the show. At the time, I assumed that it might be the first of my monthly conversations with an documentary industry person. However, due to some specific timing of content in other shows, I had to schedule this one a little later in. Probably makes no difference to you guys, but going back and listening to it is kind of interesting. I can tell that I was still “learning the ropes” and trying some new things out. (Not that I’m not still doing that!)



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